Property Portfolio
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City Number of
(sq. ft.)
of Type
Addison, TX2507,7285.13
Atlanta, GA51,967,00719.89
Broomfield, CO2481,8704.87
Chantilly, VA2250,0062.53
Charlotte, NC162,2120.63
Chesterfield, MO2351,5323.56
Denver, CO31,930,42219.52
Durham, NC1259,5312.62
Elk Grove Village, IL1177,0951.79
Englewood, CO1196,2361.98
Evanston, IL1195,0981.97
Glen Allen, VA1298,4563.02
Houston, TX41,191,63012.05
Indianapolis, IN1205,0592.07
Miami, FL1212,6192.15
Minneapolis, MN3747,2117.56
Plano, TX2416,7104.21
Richardson, TX1300,8873.04
Sterling, VA1136,6581.38
Totals 359,887,967100%
Size and Percent of Total Property Type calculations are adjusted to reflect the company's equity ownership in each property.

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